Food and drinks: servers and kitchen staff dirty acts


spit drink



I am sure many patrons in restaurants, cafe, food outlets, etc… believe that servers or kitchen staff would spit on food and drinks of choosy, or rude customers. They don’t care  with the theory of ‘Customers are always right’. They just want to revenge, to release their anger to any customer who makes them angry, even if the customer is really right.

And I am sure many patrons are also worried about how their food and drinks are prepared, whether the servers or kitchen staff comply to the food handling safety rules.

I have gathered some real stories/cases of these incidents from my friends, from people I know, and even my own experiences.

Hopefully, these stories can be useful for you :))

Story 1: This just happened just recently. It happen to a friend of my sister’s brother-in-law. Her brother-in-law operates a small scale food and beverage business in a newly built shopping complex, in Simpang Tiga in Kuching City, Sarawak State, Malaysia.  It happened when his friend ordered a drink and a female employee took his order.

As it was about half an hour to closing time of business hours, another female employee was mopping the floor and she was pissed of upon seeing this customer standing on the floor she had just mopped. (But the spot where the customer stood was the nearest to the order counter so he had no other choice but to stand there).

The female employee was so pissed off that she mopped the floor again and slighty mopped against his shoes. So he stepped aside. After she was done moping the floor, she asked her co-worker loudly “Where is the drink he ordered?” (At that time the female employee who took his order had just finished preparing his drink).

So the pissed off female employee took the drink and spat inside it. Luckily, this customer saw it and questioned why she did that. He then called up his friend (my sister’s brother-in-law) and complaint to him. He came to the shop right away… and fired her on the spot.

Her co-worker saw what happened but she did not try to stop her from spitting into the customer’s drink. She later told her boss that she was afraid of her because she was fierced and she has a bad temper… and the best part was she hated Chinese. (The customer is a Chinese). Wow, so she was being racist too!

The next day, she got another job at a shop selling waffle and drinks, just beside the shop where she was fired. My sister’s brother-in-law did not reveal what happened to the shop owner because he felt that she just wanted to earn a living. But just for your information, both shop owners are belong to the Chinese :).

Story 2: This incident happened quite a while ago and it was told by a friend of a friend of mine, who worked in a western restaurant. The friend was a kitchen staff and he got pissed off by a customer who keep complaining about a burger he ordered.

So when he made a new order for the customer, he rubbed the buns under his shoes before serving them to the customer. He later revealed that the customer really liked the burger and ate without complaint!  (Eeewwww…. yucks )

Story 3: This incident happened some time last year and it happened to a friend of a friend of mine who work as a kitchen staff in a hawker centre. He spat onto a fried noodle because he was pissed off with a choosy customer.


making cake

Story 4: This incident happened in recent years. Someone I know who worked in a bakery shop. She was preparing flour mix for a cake and when some flour stuck underneath her finger nails, she just scrapped them out and mixed them back into the flour. Earlier on, she had picked her nose. So there is extra ingredient in the cake 🙂


roti canai


Story 5: It happened some years ago. Heard this story from a higher learning institution staff while we had a drink at a nearby coffee shop in King Centre. An Indian hawker had her stall closed for quite some time after a health department gave the order.

The reason? Well, she was preparing a ‘roti canai’ for  customer, but she carelessly added extra ingredient in it which was her baby’s poo-poo. Earlier on, she handled her baby’s diapers and but she did not realised some poo-poo slipped underneath her ring.

The customer smelled and taste something terrible and questioned her what it was, and she honestly told him what happened. This story had became a joke and spread around.


Story 6: This happened some years ago in an open air  seafood centre, near a beach in Miri town. Someone who saw the incident told my mother.

One kitchen staff was frying some prawn for a customer when a stray dog found its way into the kitchen (all the kitchens at the centre are usually open during business hours, their doors not closed probably for air ventilation).

The staff then used the frying utensial he was using to hit stray dog to chase it away, and he continued to use the utensil to fry the prawn …. eeewww….  😦

Story 7: I saw this happened when I worked as a part time waitress in a seafood restaurant some years ago. A cook was handing over  a plate of noodles to a waiting waitress but the the plate slipped from his hands and the whole noodles spilled onto the floor.

Perhaps he was fearing for his boss, the cook (hired from China) just scooped back the noodles and place them on a new plate and handed over to the waitress to be served to a customer. 

Me and the waitress looked at each other, perhaps she was also thinking what to do, should we report the matter to our boss or not? But in the end, we just kept quite :(.  I feel bad for the customer and the cook because the cook was a hardworking fellow and came from a poor family, he came here to work to support his family back in China. I/we didn’t want him to be in trouble.

Story 8: Heard this story from a friend who was buying chicken rice from a hawker stall. As it was a hot day, the hawker was sweating like hell and she noticed his sweats drop onto the chicken meat while he was chopping it.

Feeling disgusted, she told him she wanted to take her purse she left in a car but she never returned to take her order. 



Story 8: Well, this may not be the food seller’s fault. A baby centipede made its way into a rice noodle and he did not notice it. I brought the rice noodle home and after eating it half way I saw tiny legs sticking out from the rice noodle. I pulled it out and saw a dead dark blue baby centipede!

I brought back  the food to the seller and he immediately make a new one for me. He said as the stall is very the bush, there were a lot of tiny creatures around.  He apologized for the incident.

I submitted this incident as a news to a newsapper and it also appeared in online news. This incident happened around two years ago.




Story 9: This incident happened not long after the centipede story. It happened to a friend of mine, who was served with raw chicken meat when she ordered a fried noodle at a food outlet in a shopping complex in Kota Sentosa.

She complaint to the waitress but the waitress ignored her complaint. She gave me the photo she took. I also put this story into a newspaper and it also appeared in online news.

Stroy 10: A friend of mine who work as a kitchen helper in a vegetarian told me this story. He said his co-worker, a drink maker,  would taste every drink he make before serving to customers because he wanted to make sure the drinks taste right.

After listening to this story, I never dare to order beverages except canned drinks wherever I dine.



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