A ‘gruesome find’.


I was looking through my collection of photos in camera when I came across this. Yes, this was taken quite some time ago. The first sight of this left many morning joggers at Riveria Park, in Kuching city, Sarawak, Malaysia, a shocked of their lives thinking that it was a real dead body of person. But closer look revealed  it was just a ‘stuffed’ figure, perhaps made by some pranksters to scare off residents.

After knowing is a fake, like me, other joggers just burst into laughter, but it did gave a  little ‘heart attack’ to the elderly joggers.

I decided to take photo of the gruesome finding before I left.

The next morning, I decided to bring along my friends to jog at the same area to ‘scare’ them with the finding. but it was no longer around. perhaps it was taken away by authorities after receiving complaints from concern residents.

To me, this is a good prank. But may be not to some. Sometimes I wonder is pranking  good or bad? how to know when is a right time to prank, or what type of prank to do?

I have tried to prank my colleague once during an April fool day.

I told him that our big boss was looking for him urgently. so he quickly went to see the boss, but when he came back later, he wasn’t happy and did not feel it was funny. He did not take the joke well and even scolded me for it.

But because he was my superior in the office, i had a hard time for the whole day on that ‘fateful’ day when he gave me unnecessary tasks to do.

I treat it as a lesson from then on, never prank on anyone even if you think they are okay.

How about you, do you have ever prank on anyone? Would you like to share your thoughts about pranking?


2 thoughts on “A ‘gruesome find’.

  1. hahahaha this is a good one scary but good, I prank my older brother every now and then and he gets me back time to time. I think the key to pranking is to keep it safe and fun I see lately a lot of pranks that people don’t necessarily enjoy, then again maybe those people just don’t like a jog for their mind and dont want to be bothered so also be mindful of who your pranking

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